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Schools in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

Philadelphia Public Schools

The Public school system is run by the School District of Philadelphia and is the 8th largest school district in the nation.

Visit the School District's website for details about the school selection, links to area schools, information about enrollment, application procedures and deadlines, and special services.

Cyber Schools, Philadelphia Virtual Academy (PVA)

Other Local Public School Districts

Magnet Schools

Charter Schools in Philadelphia

Local Parochial Schools

Local private schools, including religious affiliations

There are over 1,200 private schools in the area. Visit for school profiles, enrollment information, student/teacher ratio, and tuition information.

Important School Resources

You may also find the information and rankings from Great Schools, Philadelphia School Directory and Great Philly Schools to be helpful. This nonprofit organization collects, manages, and freely distributes information about private and public area schools with parents as the primary audience.